January 22, 2009

St. Croix

It seems whenever I forget my camera, or the battery runs out, I end up seeing and doing some really cool things! So you will have to use your imagination with this one. At the ship’s port, there is a nice little area with restaurants and shops, along with a small and humble beach. Takis and I wanted to venture out into the island, so we took a cab to Fredriksted, on the other side of the island. It was about a 25 minute drive. By the water, the boardwalk was lined with a few hip bars and restaurants, all of which were open aired as to not miss the view of the beaches and surroundings islands and mountains. From here, we could see a small island which held a small resort. Takis and I found a small ‘ferry’ which took us there. We were able to dine at the resort’s outside restaurant, away from the tourist traps we somehow managed to escape. The people staying there were very relaxed and friendly, and wanted to talk to us. Most of them were Americans who had found this tiny island to house their vacation away from the real world. There was of course a beach, just a few feet away from the resort with chairs and umbrellas. After lunch we hung around the beach for a little while to soak in our newly found secret spot, and then took the ferry back to explore the usual jewelry and souvenir shops.

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