January 8, 2009

Acapulco second time around

This time in Acapulco, we decided to take a trip to Paradise Beach. Takis and I met up with Marsha and Lindsay for some serious beach time. He had ‘the best meal’ which was a whole red snapper then he had to de-bone. I tried it and it was really light/refreshing. I over did the appetizer of guacamole ad chips so I left it at that. There parrots at the entrance/exit for the restaurant! After lunch we took a jet ski ride. 30 minutes for $40. Takis drove and I sat on the back, and we rode up the coast line to where the ship was docked, and then over to the really nice condos and apartments where the celebrities live. It was great views, but there were quite a few dead things in the water. When we were finished, we all hung out on the beach, in front of a bungie jumping platform…where we finally got to watch someone jump right before we left.

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