January 1, 2009


The last production show of the holiday cruise was on New Year’s Eve, so it gave me just a few hours to go out in Cabo. Takis and I went to a resort he had been to a few years before on another contract. This place was FABULOUS. It had 3 swimming pools on separate levels. We picked the 2nd level pool with a swim up bar, volleyball net, and hot tub. There was a view of the beach and ocean from the resort. We spent our time swimming, laying out, relaxing, and finishing the day with a trip to the hammocks on the beach. I love hammocks! It was also a plus that it was happy hour…well, happy afternoon… and every drink Takis ordered he got one for free. I was given 2 pina coladas… but had to take it easy because I had shows in the evening, of course! My mom said it’s good to be working the last night of the year… to ring in the new year with a job! The cast had such good energy for the 2 shows and I had so much fun performing and kicking off people’s new years celebrations. There was a huge deck party with the rockin’ Mirage Trio band, fruit and dessert layouts, and festive decorations galore. Everyone was there – dancing and partying! I was so happy to have my family there to ring in the new year. It had been quite a few years since I brought in a new year with them! We danced, took tons of pictures, and hung out on the windy deck all night. I finished off the night at the crew party, where michelle was dj-ing. I definitely partied enough to last me for the entire year, which is just fine for me, because I have big plans for 2009.

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