January 12, 2009

Horseback in Costa Rica

Wow. So life at the beach has been relaxing and fun, but there’s only so much super powerful sun, sand, and pina colada a girl can take. I’m certainly not complaining – I am thrilled with this hot climate and happy with myself not to be blowing all my money on shoes in Europe (for now ☺). But, a crew tour was organized, and we were able to pick if we wanted to do horseback riding or zip-lining in Costa Rica. All the cool kids went zip-lining, but I was sold on the panorama horse adventure. We took a half hour bus ride to this little resort area with zip lines, 4 wheelers, horse stables and a restaurant. The horses were pretty well trained, but some seemed a little skinny. There was about 10 of us who went, including Michelle, who made it even more fun. A few of the girls had experience, so they went ahead with one of the guides, while a little group of us stayed back and enjoyed the nice mountains, few houses, and scenery. The halfway mark was where we turned around and went back the way we came. Michelle and I were in the back with a guide and were going slow. He asked if we wanted to speed up, so we did, and galloped back! It was scary at first, but then really exhilarating. I am definitely hooked. My back is really sore though ☹

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