January 3, 2009

holiday cruise recap

They are sad to go, and I am sad to have them go, but I certainly had a most lovely holiday cruise with my mom, dad, theo, and gram. Some highlights include: -Talking in British accents, especially at tea time. -Dad getting super mad at theo for taking the only tuna sandwich at tea time. -After the whole family had a 2 hour dinner with Takis, we had lunch the next day, and grandma asked “who are you?” to Takis! (it was the “lighting”.. they ended up being quite good friends by the end of the cruise, no worries!) -Theo entertaining more people then anyone in entertainment with his card tricks and wii lessons -Theo and mine’s day in Hautulco – playing our new mini violins -our tour in Nicaragua of the mombachu volcano and cloud forest. -Seeing lots of wildlife in the ocean – sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins/spinners -Cruising through the panama canal -Harp Lessons and learning about harp with Mary Amanda Fairchild, the harp player on board -boogying all night on new years eve!

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