October 1, 2008


Last night we had our first shows of “That’s Hollywood.” They went really well! I say a line about how I love a good ol’ Maryland crabcake, and a little group in the audience responded. I met some people from Chestertown and Baltimore, and it was nice to feel some love from home. The band is really great, and it really helps getting energy from them. There’s a drummer, bassist, pianist, and horns – trumpet, flute/clarinet(1 person), saxaphone and trombone. I am kind of sad there is no guitar player. After the shows we went to the “Looking Glass,” a club on the top floor of the ship, with our producer Mike. We had celebratory champagne. Afterwards I went to the crew bar for Pilipino karaoke, where I stuck out like a sore thumb in my pencil skirt and stilettos… but I danced the night away and made lots of new friends. People recognize us around the ship from the show, and keep asking us when our next shows are. We are also easy to spot because we are much younger then everyone else. So whenever we go to eat or walk around the ship, it’s usual a long drawn out ordeal because we end up talking to everyone! We are encouraged to have a lot of ‘face time’ so that as entertainers we are proactive and make the guests feel special. The ship has been quite rocky at times, and it even wakes me up at night sometimes when it’s really rough. I don’t notice it much of the time, now that I’m used to it, but sometimes it’s extra hard to work out at the gym because you have to work double time to hold your balance. I had my first case of “sea legs” when I got off the ship today. I went to a grocery store and some outdoor markets, and felt like I was still walking on the ship. It was really bizarre feeling. I did however get some sweet shoes and a bag. We’ve already started rehearsing with the band for “twisted TV” which we’ll perform on Saturday. It’s a much harder show for me with all the lines and comedy. It’s our longest show as well. P.S. I am still working on my wireless internet connection. It’s not very reliable in my room. So I haven’t been able to get skype up and running yet.

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