October 8, 2008

Shows are open!

Valencia is vibrant! I loved the colors of these buildings - the photo doesn't do them justice. The market was full of more fresh foods then I could have imagined. People shop daily and buy just what they need for a day or two! So Healthy. All of our shows are open! Last night we put on “Sing it and Swing it.” The first audience was kind of dead, and we had a lot of mistakes. Not incredibly noticeable, but for ourselves we knew. The second show was MUCH smoother and we all did very well. I got a lot of great feedback personally, and met more people from Maryland! I’m amazed at how many people are from Maryland on this cruise, it’s kind of weird. I hung out with the band after the show at the upstairs dance/night club while my next door cabin neighbor, Michelle, DJed. She’s leaving in 2 days when her contract ends, but will return in late December. All of the contracts of people on the ship are very staggered, including with our band (half of them are leaving in the next few cruises), so it’s hard to make close friends sometimes when they can be leaving shortly. In honor of Michelle, we danced up quite a storm. She is the environmental officer, and has been introducing me to people outside of the entertainment department. We ended up at the crew bar in the late hours of the night to dance and party with the staff – they are all so much fun. We also went to the very top deck which is quite exhilarating – you can see far into the sea and it’s very very windy! But very beautiful. I feel much relief that all of the shows are opened and I’m looking forward to improving and growing into them more. Today the ship was docked in Valencia, Spain. It was my first day off from rehearsals/trainings this cruise, and I still managed to get up early (10 a.m. hehe) and go out to explore the port. Marsha, Gary, Lindsay, and I walked around the city all day. It had great shopping! I discovered Zara, a mix between Express and H&M. Lots of hip/trendy/classic/and also basic things. It was again, a beautiful day. I went to a great market full of fresh produce, meats, nuts, spices, and anything wonderful you can imagine. I got a massive apple. I love getting a feel for the city by walking around but I should start doing more touristy things to learn the history next time.

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