September 29, 2008

The land of plenty

Lindsay and I on a street in Monte Carlo.The view from the cabin! Dinner at the ship's main restaurant. Appetizer of smoked bri and a Pear in wine sauce. Favorite part of the meal. The cast's first night out, after dinner with the cruise director, music director, and captain. This morning I met with Lindsay for breakfast, thinking that was the only adventure we would be having for the day. I would like to note that I am in breakfast heaven. I eat oatmeal everyday, and whenever I travel I usually don’t enjoy breakfast because I have perfected my own oatmeal extravaganza. However, my homemade version gets a run for it’s money here – real oatmeal with flaxseeds and dried fruit, soymilk(!!), some fresh berry smoothie, and FINALLY some of the best coffee ever. Oh yes and fresh watermelon, pineapple, honeydew, mango and kiwi. There are fresh, whole food options for the freaks like me, as well as crepes, every muffin you can imagine, breads, eggs, French toast, everything and anything for breakfast. I’m staying away from all that craziness… maybe one day a cruise I can try something devilish! There is a salad bar, sandwiches, breads, cheeses, pastas etc for lunch, and for dinner there’s miso soup which has different ingredients you add youself (tofu and seaweed), as well as sushi – including 2 veggie types. I thought I would be having to eat meat for protein but there are plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and vegetarian protein options at the buffet. I am getting spoiled very fast! Tonight the cast is going to one of the nice restaurants with the hotel director (head of entertainment and activites) and the cruise director, which I’ve heard has a numerous course meal, so I’ll have to report on that. I could really make a blog all about my food adventures, which is probably going to happen regardless. I almost forgot about that singing job… I should write more about that. Our producer Mike came and sat with us for a moment in the morning before he was getting ready to go explore our port of the day – Monte Carlo. He asked if we were getting off the ship at all, and in our only response was a face of fear… we had been content staring outside of the windows all morning. He said we were ridiculous and took us on a walking excursion of the city. We had an iced coffee and shared some gnocchi at a French cafĂ©. The waiter was in love with Lindsay and kept calling her pretty girl - it was very cute! There are tons of buildings, apartments, walkways, shops and people in this city built into a mountain. I loved the architecture and how good looking the boys are... I mean… yachts. ☺ ……………… This evening, we met our captain, cruise director, music director, and producer (who is only on the ship for the next couple days to make sure our first show settles in) at the main dining hall. I was truly impressed by the vegetarian menu they offered. A 5 course meal of all vegetarian options. The portions were small and well presented which I appreciated (I do have dresses to fit unfortunately!). The wine was delicious; besides being a red I have no idea what it was. My appetizer (pictured) was a wine soaked pear with smoked brie. I also had fresh gazphacho soup with fresh basil, a salad with water chestnuts and sherry vinegarette, and an eggplant/zucchini concoction. For dessert I ordered apple tortes and Gary ordered a raspberry chocolate mousse, which we ended up trading because we liked each other’s better. I have to admit I am a salad girl who was already overly content with the concoctions I was making at the buffet, but it was fun to try some new things. The presentations were beautiful, and I might sound crazy to say this, but I don’t like 30 different flavors and ingredients in one dish. I like a whole fresh item of high quality over a mediocre item with too many flavors to mask what it really is. To be honest, my favorite part was the appetizer of sweet pear and brie. I guess the moral of the story is you can’t go wrong with wine, fruit, and cheese. Anyways, it was wonderful company, and a most beautiful day. I am so excited for our first showings of “That’s Hollywood” tomorrow!!

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