October 9, 2008

Casablanca + Barcelona

A metal street structure in Barcelona. What wonderful architecture. I can't wait to go back! Casablanca was my least favorite so far, I felt very uncomfortable. Lindsay and I were sticking out like sore thumbs with light skin/hair/eyes and got lots of stares and comments and such. There was also lots of young children trying to sell us Kleenex and other random things, and I was worned for them distracting us to pick-pocket. I felt uptight holding my purse close to me all day. We stopped in a little bar with the band and cast and had a drink, and it was good to relax and get to know everyone. I mostly just walked around a lot and looked at little souvenior shops. We are going back again, and next time I want to take a tour to really get to know the city. Yesterday was embarkation day, where a new group of cruisers board. We were in Barcelona, and I walked into the city with our drummer Jared, and Mike, our audio/visual manager. The walk into the main part of town was about a half hour, so I had about an hour to myself to walk and shop before heading back. There were tons of souvenoir shops, street musicians, and people posing as statues (who surprised me a few times!!). The market was full of lots scary meat!

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