October 11, 2008

When in Rome

Hello! from inside the Pantheon.Making a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Looking straight into the sky at the Pantheon. Vatican City. Today I had the most amazing day. I went into Rome, which was about an hour train ride, with only about 3 hours to spend to see the city. The weather was sunny and very warm. I walked the city with Jared, Mike, and Michelle who had been there before, so they knew where to go for the day. They are such fun company! We first started at Vatican City and walked around looking at the huge columns and statues. Then we walked along a river and among beautiful old buildings with rustic walls made of stone. Every picture taken looks like a postcard. While passing through narrow alleys with lots of small shops (I didn’t shop today!! Be proud of me!), Michelle and I grabbed gelato – the man serving us could see how excited we were and gave us about 3 gallons each in a cup. I had dark chocolate and a vanilla with chocolate chunks in it (amazing – doesn’t compare to ice cream, so refreshing and delicious!) and it was the best lunch I could’ve asked for. The boys downed some wine while we ate the gelato, and they made for quite a hilarious day with their buzzes on. I spotted a musical instrument shop and bought a harmonica, and Michelle and Mike were inspired to get recorders, and Mike also bought a jaw harp (a bluegrass tradition). We walked Rome for the remainder of the afternoon attempting to play our fun little instruments. My harmonica is in the key of C so I’m going to write a song “When in Rome” with a harmonica solo (to be added when I learn to rock out on it). Then we marched to the pantheon, a dome shaped building with a huge hole at the top to see the sky. It’s almost surreal it’s so big and breathtaking. Our last stop of the day was the trevi fountain, and of course we each threw a coin over our shoulder and made a wish. I had such a great time with really great company. The ship is going back a few more times so I’ll check out other sites I can’t wait to see. Rome was beautiful!!!!!! Delicious!! Breathtaking!! Musical!! Open, Free, Lovely, Fun!

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