October 4, 2008


Last night was a very… very rocky night. I heard from most of the crew it was one of the worst nights they had had on their contract. The girls watched a movie and headed up to the top deck for a “captain’s club” meeting with v.i.p. cruisers. After meeting the captain Marsha and I were handed gingerale’s - I think the look on my face was actually scaring more people then entertaining. I then returned to my room and slept for a few hours… and preceded to get officially sea sick. This morning our dress rehearsal was the similar rockiness, except this time we were handed pails instead of beds. Luckily no one got sick, but it was awfully rough and tough to get through. Finally, the waters calmed down for our two shows of “Twisted TV” and they were the best performances we’ve done of them. The show is quite different from the other 2 shows we perform – it has a lot of lines and acting, and parody songs with lots of wordy lyrics. It was a really fun show and we all did well!

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