September 26, 2008

On my way

Sept 26, 2008 It’s really hard to sleep on this plane. The neck pillow, movies, music stations, blankets etc, have me stuck in a hazy distracted awakened state that seems to never end. It can’t help that my wisdom teeth decided to show up for the journey – started coming in the other day, and for some reason my gums/mouth are painfully sore this entire trip. Hopefully the soreness goes away in the next few days so I can sing without having that distraction. It’s hard to believe rehearsals are over and I’m peaking over people’s shoulders to catch a glimpse of a deep orange sunrise creeping into the plane’s submarine sized windows. Maybe I will just pretend I am on a submarine for the next 2 hours to bide my time til I arrive in Barcelona… This past week we had a dress rehearsal to finally get the feel for doing the choreography while wearing our costumes. For “That’s Hollywood” (songs from classic movies) the girls wear black floor length dresses, each a little different from the other. For “Sing It Swing It” (jazz/big band songs) we have 2 cocktail type dresses, one of mine is yellow with black polka dots and the other is light green with a black sash around the waste. For “Twisted TV” we have moo moos that are really funky with bright colors and flowy patterns on silk. At least It’s a change from the cowboy hat.. but I secretly miss it just a little. The rehearsal went well, and we learned there wasn’t much else we could do to improve in the studio, and that we grew out of that space – we need to run through the shows on the ship and get used to their stage and set up, as well as rehearse with the actual band. I’m glad to have people I know to travel with, and also to board the boat with – It’s good to know a few people going into something completely brand new. After I “lose:” 9 hours of my life I will begin moving onto the ship and start orientations and apparently a lot of informational type things. We are also supposed to go through “That’s Hollywood” because we could potentially be performing it on in the next couple of days. Usually there is a cast still on the ship for the first cruise, so we can watch them and get aquainted with the stage, but they are leaving before the new cycle of European cruises start, so we are being thrown into it right away. I am ready though, so it’s fine. I’m anxious to see what it feels like to walk and sleep on the ship.

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