September 7, 2008

Vegas baby.

Hello friends, family, and the rest of the world in a web,
Welcome to my public diary - a documentation of my journeys.  One of my greatest loves in life is a good adventure, and I am certainly on a great one right now.  I currently find myself in Las Vegas, NV in a hotel room where I am residing in for 4 weeks.  Despite my previous summer schedule of going to bed around 4am and waking up at 1pm, for work at 5pm, I now find myself incredibly exhausted and sleep deprived at 11pm - after week 1 of rehearsals here in one of the greatest entertainment cities I have been to so far.  Today was my first day off, and it's safe to say Las Vegas kicked my ass this past week.  Just 2 and a half more weeks then I am shipped off to Barcelona for life on a boat. 
I arrived last Saturday - (August 31) and met my new cast of 2 boys and 2 other girls.  They are ages 27-37, and all incredibly talented.  I am already learning a lot from the extra years of performance experience they have on me.  We spent our first week learning the show "sing it, swing it" with 5 part jazz harmonies and some dancing.   All of us are very different in every way, but together I think we make a great team and compliment each other.  Our voices are unique and different to each other's very much, but we blend well in the harmonies.  I am thankful for jazz/pop/rock background from berklee being put to use in this particular show.  I surely have the least musical theatre voice compared to the rest of the cast.
Last night I went out to see our voice coach in her all girl band - I really loved it!  I already miss being in a band.  It's a completely different ballgame sharing lead with 4 other people. But I am excited for this experience and what I will gain.
Anyways, then I went out to a dueling piano bar with Lindsey from my cast, her boyfriend, and his friend who lives here in Vegas... It was fun, but I'm glad I don't have that job... I can't imagine having to play sweet caroline every day to swarms of drunk people.  Then again $100 tips probably keep them going strong.  So far guys in Vegas are polite and buy drinks for girls :-) 
Tomorrow we start learning the show "twisted tv" which makes fun of t.v. shows and has more acting.  
Vegas is really really hot.  I do love all the entertainment here, and am trying to pick a show to splurge on while I'm here - I think it's going to be the cirque du soleil show Zumanity.  I am also a fan of the no humidity phenomenon and though my skin is feeling really dry, my asthma and psoriasis on elbows is really minimized here.  I might be made for the West coast!  But probably not Vegas - I like grass too much, and the lawns made of gravel and human planted palm trees don't really cut it.  

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