September 9, 2008


Day 2 of "Twisted TV" and we are learning blocking and music simultaneously this week - as opposed to the last show, where we learned all the music first then added choreography.  This show is much easier to pick up, there's a lot less harmonies and mostly solo parts.  It's just a lot of acting, lines, and comedy, which is going to take more independent studying and memorizing.  I am really being challenged in this one!  I'm having a lot of fun with it though.  I am slowly learning to let go of the inhibitions four years at an overly critical music school has instilled in me.  This gig is so easy going in the fact that the "voice coach" can't really play the piano and we usually sight read our parts before she can figure out what key we are in... it's quite frustrating but in the end I remind myself it's just music and I need to not take myself and singing so seriously!  
Enough of this show nonsense... Our producer Mike informed us today that he got us comp tickets to see Mamma Mia tomorrow.... I loooovveeee broadway and can't wait to see this show.  Marsha (another girl from the cast) was just saying last night how bad she wanted to see the show but the tickets were $110.  We are so incredibly lucky to be able to go.  THEN our music director came in to tell us that he could get us Jubilee tickets for a discounted price and we are going on Thursday.  So my wish of seeing some shows in Vegas is being granted.  
Even though these rehearsals are intense, physically exhausting, and the memorizing is going on 24/7, I'm so thankful for everything that's happening.  I'm reminded to take a step back and be thankful for people taking a chance on me, being patient, teaching me, and believing in me.    I *think* I've come so far.  Things are becoming clearer, but these surroundings remind me how much harder I can and need to push myself to get to the destination that's made for me somewhere down the road.

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