February 16, 2009

This time, a relaxed and new adventure was desired. To start the day, I headed to “the tap,” which was nestled among a cluster of local and upscale shops, right across from the tender’s drop off. Free wireless internet had me sold – and I couldn’t resist to try their famous mango beer. Both greatly satisfied, I am a simple girl after all! I then headed to a local Mexican eatery down the street for some appetizers, shared with Gary and Joey. Next, upon suggestion, we took a taxi to “cinnamon bay,” which was about a 15 minute ride. This was a beautiful, convenient, and practical beach. There was a restaurant/bar at the entrance, and after a short walk to the beach, there was a place to rent gear – from windsurfing to snorkeling. There was a camp ground, with tents pitched right behind the line of trees that created a privacy barrier for the beach. There was a small snack bar right on the beach with drinks and snacks, to keep the beach bums happy. Cinnamon bay wasn’t as baron as the Solomon Bay I had visited previously, and the amount of visitors wasn’t overpowering. I would say, for first time visitors, this or Trunk Bay is the place to go. If you want a less tourist-y spot, with a fun semi-workout of a hike to get there, go to Solomon. Personally, my favorite was Solomon Bay. I’ll let you know what I decide on my final cruise and last time at St. John next week!

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