February 19, 2009

I belong in Antigua

it's so windy up herreeeeee!!! Eric Clapton's Island home. (the rehab center is on another part of the island, but close by) Below: a limestone church. Today, I was given an itinerary of ‘must sees’ from the art director who used to live on this island. Marsha, Billy, Ben from the band, and I hired a driver for the afternoon ($25 each for 4 hours) to see some perfect points of interest. Our driver, Sammy, was a Rastafarian who filled us in on his lifestyle, tofu, and the vegetarian diet. We were first sent to the English harbor and “Admiral’s Inn” which was inside a national park. We purchased tickets to have access to the park, which allowed the driver to then take us to more secluded points of the island. Admirals Inn served good food, along with a view of the water and boats. Sandwiches, salads, seafood, and even a few oddball dishes are thrown into the menu – like chicken curry and pumpkin soup. After lunch we walked around the little shops and historic areas to then return to the driver. Next, he took us up to a lookout point on the park, where we could see Eric Clapton’s house, as well as his rehab center. He is an adopted child of the island. How Rockstar is that? Someday…. Ahhhh. Anyways, next we were to another overlook to see a surreal looking beach resort owned by an American, with tons of lovely boats sprinkled throughout the water. To get us back to the ship, we drove through a rainforest area, and some residential areas. Sammy said there are a lot of really nice looking houses because the people of the island are all about helping each other out – if you don’t have a lot of money you can get materials yourself and build a nice house. There was definitely some really unique and upscale houses. There are also plenty of goats lining the sides of the roads, some leek from farms and others are wild. We got a thorough tour of the island, along with lots of information about the people and way of life. This is a recommended island to hire a driver – it is more then worth the money. My only regret is not having lunch at one of the many vegetarian spots – now I know for next time that the island caters to the Rastas with lots of meat free restaurants. To be continued!

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