February 15, 2009

Agrifest @ St. Croix

somehow i managed to find barbecue tofu and carob cake! Joey and Gary with puppies for adoption. We were especially lucky to be in St Croix today, with Agrifest 2009 happening. This is an annual agricultural fair with live music, local food specialties, a farmer’s market, and livestock. Gary, Joey, and I were in the mood to really soak up the local flavor, so after an easy taxi to the fair, we were able to enter the barn full of ‘award winning’ foods. Rotis are a usual Caribbean food – a fried pocket stuffed with meats and/or vegetables. There was also an area with a whole oven roasted pig, which the guys tried. Pretty much everything we found was fried – including some pumpkin fritters. After our first impromptu tasting, we made our rounds of the fair and saw arts and crafts, farmer’s market produce, and lots of livestock. We saw “big Johnny” who was about a 7 foot tall cow, weighing in at almost a ton. We also saw litters of baby pigs, goat, and lamb with their mammas! After our exploring I stumbled into a solely vegetarian hut – complete with barbeque tofu and carob cake. My parents make barbeque tofu which really can’t be competed with, but it was nice to feel like someone was sending a little gift from the gods for me… and the carob cake was very moist and definitely worth a try, even the guys liked it. Joey and I were feeling especially spontaneous and even tried a sea moss drink and a peanut punch drink. We really did try a taste of EVERYTHING – but why not, when there are so many unique dishes. The sea moss was actual moss of the sea mixed with soymilk and god knows what else. The peanut punch was like a peanut butter milkshake. If you ever get the chance to try them, do it! It’s like nothing you’ve had before, and they are both surprisingly good, and I imagine sea moss has some sort of nutrient you can’t find anywhere else. That is, if you can get past the idea of drinking, well, sea moss. We left the fair to return to the port, grabbed the local beer, and watched the sun set. I love when people visit. Am I really getting paid for this?

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