February 9, 2009

St. John

Rockefeller beach below: $500 a night is what I heard! St. John certainly fulfills it’s promise for the most fabulous beaches. The color of the water is a beautiful and vibrant light blue, with hints of teal in places where the sun hits just right. When walking into the ocean, there’s usually a bit of a drop off, where suddenly, you find yourself swimming in neck-deep water that makes it seem like a pool. The sand is light tan, and holds palm trees all over. You can see mountains and other islands surrounding you. The first time I went to this port, I was whisked away by a pick-up truck/taxi, with benches in the back bed (and some over head rails to hold on to) which took me to Trunk Bay. This was a nature reserve where the most people hear about, so it felt a bit touristy. The beach was absolutely glorious, and there was a nearby snack bar. The next visit, Lindsay and I wanted to venture off to find something a little different/less touristy, so we hiked a trail to Salomon Bay. It was about a 25 minute walk on rocky terrain, and there was little lizards leaping all over the place. We even saw two donkeys ahead of us on the trail, before we turned down a side trail to go to our preferred beach. Salomon Bay ended up being a secluded, quiet, and breathtakingly beautiful beach. We borrowed some snorkeling equipment and even ventured into the water to see a few vibrantly beautiful fish. This is the beach to come to!

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