December 24, 2008

Coast of Panama (guest blogger)

Hi, Kathy (Molly’s mom) here. Molly pulled some strings, (actually a lot of ropes) and we are here with her on the cruise. We have been enjoying ourselves immensely. We have been at sea every day except one. The food is so tasty and healthy. Miso soup, fruit and sushi are always available, as are freshly made sorbets and every kind of seafood. There is a deck with chairs, wind and abundant sunshine. Today we saw a pod of tiny dolphins of the side of the front deck. There are also small seagull shaped birds with brown tops and white undersides that skim the water alongside the ship as we move through the water. People are friendly and Theo has even met a few teens. It is refreshing to hear many languages and interact with people from all parts of the world, both crew and guests. A few days ago, we went to Aruba and rented a taxi that took us to a beach. The waves were imposter waves, but the water was salty, clear and warm. We walked about Oranjstad, a small funky town, as well. Yesterday, we cruised through the Panama Canal. We went though a series of locks into an elevated lake and then through another set of locks to cut through Panama. The canal is a true engineering marvel. Someone must have had incredible vision and imagination to conceive of and plan the canal. There is dense vegetation lining the canal and people claim that alligators live in the water. We entered the canal around 7 am and left about 3:30 pm. Today Santa was onboard our cruise. Molly and the other performers escorted him about. He gave presents to the kids. Of the three babies on board, two cried and refused to go anywhere near him. I think they were upset because he was dressed in a heavy white and red furry outfit and it is about ninety degrees out. Molly’s grandmother and the rabbi posed for a picture with Mr. S as well. There will be caroling later, and then Molly and the other performers will do a Christmas show. Tomorrow, we will arrive in Costa Rica. I hope you are having a good time wherever you may be!

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