March 17, 2009


Port of Nafpaktos: (Like a scene from The Little Mermaid!)Frappe: Nafpaktos Castle:On top of the world! I mean castle: Yet another beautiful village nestled between the water and a castle on a mountain, Nafpaktos boasts thin streets lined with a charming personality. We stayed in a beach hotel, which was only $40 euros (for the cooler off-seaon), and had a balcony view of the street side cafes, the bridge going to the other side of the country, and distant mountains. We took a walk to the center of town by their small port, where you can sit and have a frappe and look at the traditional buildings and small boats parked beside you. One side of the port reminds me of a scene from “The Little Mermaid” where Ariel is first seeing people on land, and peaks up to the stone walls to see a horse drawn carriage (see picture). We drove the car up to the castle, and explored around it’s stone walk ways and remnants. At the very top, we could sit on top of the stone crescents and have a breath-taking view of the village, water, mountains, and surrounding towns. With the sun closing in for the night, it was shining just perfectly on the water. On the road leading to the castle, we found a small restaurant on the way down, looking onto the same breath taking scene. We were waiting for Takis’ uncle and aunt to call us, so we decided to relax there for a little while. After some time, met up with Takis’ family, and went to a Greek/American restaurant and had all of the wonderful appetizers plus Souvlaki, the thick wrap filled with veggies, tzasiki, and a meat. His aunt, uncle and nieces were all very sweet! After we said our goodbyes we checked out the local nightlife where cafes by day become night clubs!

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