March 18, 2009


The Room!Note: future apartment plan: Oh, Ouzo: "Just some bites to go with the Ouzo:" Galaxidi was about a 45 minute trip away , but close to Takis’ Aunt and Uncle. We stayed in at a bed and breakfast, and we had a very fun and traditional room. One of the benefits of seeing Greece in the off season is the lower rates, and many times, your pick of rooms. We were given a really beautiful light pink studio apartment room, with high wooden ceilings and a loft area above the kitchen. There was an open fireplace we kept lit most of the day and night. We went to a local bakery, and Takis picked out his favorite traditional greek desserts, so he made Greek coffee in our kitchen and we tried them all! I’m not usually a big sweets person, but what I liked most was the thick moist cake made of sticky rice and sugar. There was also baklava, and some crunchy phyllo dough and honey concoctions with cloves on top. A little spicy, a little sweet, and always dripping with sugar syrup, nicely washed down with super thick and rich Greek coffee. Definitely an experience! Just a few blocks away, the restaurants lining the water have stunning views of snow capped mountains. Later in the day we had cups of oozo (the licorice drink common for Greece) and a huge platter sampler of seafood and marinated veggies and cheeses. Simple, but fresh and amazing. It has to be impossible to not fall head over heals for the quality and taste of the food in the country. It was a beautiful day of walking around the quaint town and eating our hearts out... ha!

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